Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Dublin's fair city, where girls are so pretty...

My new home!!!

...just kidding, but isn't it lovely?

Since my arrival, I catch myself smiling at odd moments. Apparently, that's what you do when you are in love, and I think I just might be. My first few days have been a whirlwind-complete with a semi-flawless travel itinerary from ORD to HTR to DUB. My biggest conundrums were a.) heavy heavy bags, and b.) my luxury meal on business class was going well until I may or may not have catapulted one of my shrimp across the quiet cabin. I thought I was discreet until the flight attendant ran over it with her cart, and it became a sad form of airplane roadkill.

I'm settling into my new home where I was welcomed with open arms and lots of cherubic smooches. The weather has been kind thus far, and I'm enjoying sporting my fall attire for the cooler winds. My "small world' policy was reinforced when I ran into a Charlotte friend at a local restaurant- what are the odds?

Pints are on me for the person who can identify the meaning of the followings words: (no cheating!)

bits & bobs

I'm battling jetlag with a might fervor, and I'm excited to see what tomorrow will bring...


  1. brolly -- umbrella
    auld -- old
    bits & bobs -- odds and ends (??)
    chemist -- pharmacist
    doty -- mad/crazy, as in "are you nuts?" (big guess)
    shattered -- ?? no clue

    I didn't cheat with google or wikipedia. :-)

  2. I'm going to agree with Michael only I'll hazard a guess at Shattered- falling apart

    I love how Ireland smells, or at least the way it did when we were there about a thousand years ago.

    I wish you well and look forward to reading all about home

  3. I haven't a clue, so I'll just say love you, Jennie!

    BTW My name comes out spelled without the "e", but it really is me WITH the "e" - as in Aunt Lynne.

  4. brolly -- umbrella
    auld -- old
    bits & bobs -- odds and ends
    chemist -- pharmacist
    doty -- pacifier
    shattered -- exhausted.

    Michael- well done!
    Jamie- it smells fresh and delicious here :)
    Lynn with an "e"- love YOU very much.