Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trad, Bubbles, & Inertia

Killarney...peaceful- isn't it?

Life's better with bubbles

He is a true joy.

Two weeks down, fifty to go, and I think I rather like it here. I'm continually mesmerized by the gorgeous landscape, and I'm slowly deciphering the Irish lingo. I still make the darndest rookie mistakes, but I do my best to laugh them off. For the record, telling someone you got a "ride" is not the equivocal in Ireland. I now know why people raised their eyebrows when I shared that I had been "getting rides around Dublin".

I scarf down a piece of humble pie every day as I am forced to leave my comfort zone and ask anyone and everyone for assistance- which way to the grocery, is this the correct bus stop? am I going the right way?, etc. My goal is to "blend in", but I have to say that underestimating the speed of the bus and flying three feet into the lap of an elderly man may have prohibited that.

What can I say, inertia got the best of me.

I'm also trying to recognize "trad" (traditional) Irish music, and I've found that rarely played is: Danny Boy or When Irish Eyes are Smiling. Haven't yet heard Christmas in Killarney, but I suppose that's seasonal.

Life is grand.


  1. These photos are great!! What camera are you using?

  2. you are the cutest! i love reading about your adventures. :)