Saturday, September 18, 2010

One week down...

"Okay, I won't. I won't. I promise!!!"

Classic self-portrait. Aka- currently have zero friends to snap a photo. Presume they'll be many more

Though I'm confident in my decision, I would be lying if I said there hadn't been some challenging moments this past week. I was warned of the inevitable loneliness that can accompany an exciting adventure, and have occasionally felt an emptiness in my heart that used to be filled with the laughs of my dearest friends. Not to worry, I've filled that space with new plans, two energetic lads, and an omnipresent Friend who never fails to listen when I need Him. I've learned that my strengths and weaknesses seem to be magnified when transplanted to a new culture, and here is what I've found.

Things I'm good at: trying new foods, wandering aimlessly around quaint streets, admiring the various football practices at the park, googling anything and everything, sailing, and entertaining tots of all nationalities.

Things I'm not so good at: dressing the boys in the correct clothing, understanding phrases like "hot press" (still not entirely sure what they meant), blending in (the moment I open my mouth, I'm outted), cooking from scratch in any capacity, sailing (no, it's not a typo; it is in both lists as I've decided to join a nearby sailing club in hopes of making a few friends. So I'm presently terrible at it, but soon- I'll be a star), looking remotely presentable sans straightener, not shrinking sweaters in the wash, making the boys oatmeal correctly, getting on the local bus going in the correct direction (oops), and to be honest...much much more.

So yes, I've been humbled...but I will prevail.

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  1. sounds like things are going well...don't let fear take a foothold

    not a clue about hot press